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 Croft Chestnuts
About Chestnuts Recipes Order your croft fresh chestnuts in advance.  We expect to begin shipping product by sometime during the third week of October 2014

Why we are just nuts!  

Croft has three commercial chestnut orchards with close to 1,600 trees in the Traverse City area of Northern Michigan, so fresh chestnuts are our specialty.


Find out all about these nuts: dietary info, how to store, roast and use chestnuts. Take a look at some  scrumptious recipes for the holidays like Thanksgiving turkey dressing, Christmas cheesecake and more .

Ready to buy?  

Why comb the farmers market when you can buy fresh chestnuts from Croft LLC from the comfort of your seat, right here online.  Our prices are hard to beat at $6.00-lb retail and as low as $2.10-lb for wholesale volume purchases.

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